IP-PRO Partner Channel

Offisky IP-PRO Channel
If you are an IT Professionals, Consultants, Administrators, or Phone System Administrators, then we welcome you to join our Offisky IP-PRO Partner Channel. Offisky IP-PRO Partner Channel is designed for professionals, like yourself, who are interested in offering Offisky service to their customers. Not only you will have continuous profits from the Offisky services you offer, you may also introduce Offisky innovative, cost saving solutions to help your customers with each and every success of their business. An account manager will also assigned to our IP-PRO Partners to help with your start-up and ongoing requirements. More complete product lines meaning more satisfied customers, sign up Offisky IP-PRO Partnership, and add Offisky as part of your business products today.

Partner Benefits:

  • Adding our unique, flexible, innovative, and cost effective Unified Hosted PBX, Call Center, and Collaboration service into your product line
  • Worry free commercial grade VOIP service
  • Continuous recurring income, no matter your customers' calling plans are
  • No more managing your servers, connections, or customer billing, we will do them all
  • Flexible design and may integrate into any business requirements or solutions
  • Assigned account manager to help with your startup, training, and ongoing requirements
  • Easy setup, instant activation, create a cloud phone system can be less than 10 minutes
  • Remote management and configuration, and continuously support your customers' phone system
  • No contract meaning no risk, for you and your customers
  • Pay-as-you-go OR Monthly usage plan suitable to any customer profile

For more information or to sign up as an IP-PRO Partner, please contact us at

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