How Offisky Works?

Do-It-Yourself Hosted PBX and Business Communication Platform. Present you a simple, cost saving, and manageable communication solution to your business.

How Offisky Works?
Offisky is a Do-It-Yourself cloud base Hosted PBX, telecommunication network, and a business communication platform. Unlike other telecommunication providers where your subscription is based on the "package" you have ordered, with Offisky, you have everything to build your own telecommunication network. Because Offisky is designed for DIY, it is relatively simple and requires very minimal or no telecommunication knowledge. As long as you are willing to do, this is the solution for you.

When sign up your free Offisky "Group or Company" account (a.k.a. the organization account), you will have access into all available features to build your business communication and Hosted PBX service. Once you have successfully setup the appropriate features for your organization, you may then process to order the type of usage which is suitable for your organization (For more information, please read "Pricing, Billing, and Ordering" and "Support Channels" section below).

While Offisky offers all the features for you in your free account subscription, usage in Offisky is the "actual usage" you are planing to use. There are generally 2 type of usage plans available: Minute charge plan and Monthly charge plan. Depending on the amount of usage, you may choose which plan should be best suitable for your organization. In some cases, you may also mix-and-match minute and monthly plan to fulfill your needs (eg: you may have a busy office which is using monthly plan for your usage, however, for a particular hallway extension, since it is very low usage, you wish to put it under minute base extension). All usages are order individually in Offisky, so you may add or remove whenever necessary. Before you enter into any chargeable service, you will be notice by the system to confirm your order. This means you will never enter into any chargeable service without being notice.

Offisky "Personal" account is used when you wish to setup multi-user collaboration panel. When you have your personal account, you may "join" your "Personal" account into the "Group or Company" account (a.k.a. the organization account), and perform work on behalf of the organization account based on the assigned permission. This relationship is designed to use when a new staff member join into your organization and needed to perform work. Whenever this relationship breaks, simply remove the "join" relationship in the system and the staff personal account will no longer have access into your organization.

Please Note:

  • Multi-user settings is only require if you wish to setup multi-user collaboration panel or using Call Queue features. For standard Hosted PBX setup, only "Group or Company" account is sufficient.
  • One personal account can have multiple organization accounts' access at the same time.

Pricing, Billing, and Ordering
Offisky Billing System (a.k.a. Offisky Market) is the overall billing system in Offisky. It handles all billing related operations, includes Offisky prepaid credit, invoicing, transaction history, ordering and order cancellation. Since Offisky is a prepaid service, all charges will be deducted directly from the Offisky prepaid credit. Offisky Credit can be purchase through all major credit cards (secured via Paypal). Whenever your Offisky credit balance is low, simply refill your credit and will be good to go. When you need to cancel a service, simply remove it from the "Ordering Panel" and it will remove directly from your account.

Important Note:

  • Per minute Hosted PBX, starting from $2.50 / month + 3¢ / minute
  • Monthly usage plan, starting from $39.99 / month
  • All monthly charges will be deduct directly from your Offisky Credit at the start of the month, make sure you have sufficient credits in your account to avoid service interruption
  • Live charges (ie. long distance calls, minute base charges, etc.) will be deduct directly deduct from your Offisky Credit, make sure you have sufficient credit buffer in your account to avoid service interruption
  • All Offisky Credit purchase are non-refundable, so please only purchase the credit which is necessary for your account
  • All your Offisky Credit Purchase is process directly through Paypal. Offisky does not remain any of your payment information and will not auto recharge your account
  • The minimum Offisky Credit Purchase is $20, otherwise, administration fees may apply
  • All prices listed in the Offisky Market are in Canadian Dollars (CAD)

Hardware, Requirements
Connectivity: Because Offisky telecommunication network (Hosted PBX) is a cloud base service, what you need is a stable internet connection. It is strongly recommended to evaluate your internet connection to ensure there are sufficient bandwidth available to receive reasonable quality of service. The following is a brief idea of how to calculate your VOIP call usage:

  • Latency (Ping) Rate: Below 120 milliseconds (Recommended)
  • Extension using G.711u/a Codec: 80kbps / call (upstream and downstream)
  • Extension using G.729 Codec: 12kbps / call (upstream and downstream)
  • Example: If you designed to have 5 calls talking at the same time, and all extensions are using G729 Codec, the bandwidth you required: 12kbps x 5 = 60kbps (upstream and downstream)
  • Speed test website: Bell Canada,

Hardware Requirements: Offisky support all types of SIP base digit end devices (a.k.a. SIP Phones, including IP Phones, ATA Converters, Software Phone, and Smart Phone Apps). What you need to do is to get your extension credentials from your Offisky phone system configuration panel and connect to the service.

  • For more information about how to setup your SIP device, please click here.
  • For more comprehensive business support, please contact our certified partner: Signal Canada.

Support Channels
Having trouble with Offisky? We are here to help !

  • Before you create a support ticket, please check online and see is there any related Offisky documents, videos, or discussions which may already answered your issue.
  • Create support ticket within the Offisky account you have trouble with. To access Offisky support channel, click on "Support" icon, select "Offisky Support", select "Create new ticket", then fill in the ticket form with the details of your issue. Our support staffs will be happy to assist you.
  • Our normal response time for support tickets is within 24 business hours.
  • For new members, please also check out our FAQ Section.
  • For more comprehensive business support, please contact our certified partner: Signal Canada.

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